About Us


New Heaven New Earth TV is a channel dedicated to sharing the truth, and giving a free space for people to express their experiences and perspectives on Shincheonji. 

There are many voices on the internet and many lies too. We are a channel that seeks to bring you the truth and only the truth regarding Shincheonji. Shincheonji’s official name is Shincheonji Church of Jesus the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, and is often referred to as “SCJ” or New Heaven New Earth (“NHNE”).

We hope that many can come to resolve their misunderstandings about SCJ through our channel and be united as one body under Christ. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the contact form below. 

Who are We?

I joined the team at NHNE.TV because I was tired of false information being online and people thinking that they are true.

John D.

I never cared too much about the news until I realized how bad it was and how bad it could be for false reports to spread like wildfire. I want to share my faith with joy and pride.

Katelyn S.

We, the team at NHNE.TV, are current members of Shincheonji. 

We belong to various locations and churches… 

We have different backgrounds and paths of how we got here… 

Yet we all believe in the same thing: the value of the faith we have found through SCJ. 

We’re dedicated to helping resolve the lies and false statements about SCJ found online, and we hope to share with many about the joy we’ve found in God, His Word, and His people at SCJ. 

What does NHNE.TV publish?

Real Testimonials

We bring you real testimonials and answers from Shincheonji members. Hear what they have to say about their faith, why they chose to be a part of Shincheonji, and their answers to your biggest questions.

Videos & News

At NHNE.TV, you’ll find videos of interviews, testimonials, and clips of the latest news about Shincheonji. Stay tuned and stay informed about the church that everyone is talking about. Cut through the fake reports!

Questions Answered!

Ever had a question about Shincheonji that you’ve always wanted to ask but couldn’t? Find answers to the most burning and important questions about Shincheonji here with our helpful Q&A Videos.