Shincheonji is Against Science

However, like most believers I have met, I experienced a faith that I described to be like a roller coaster. Because that’s how it felt. There were times I felt close to God. There were also many times I felt distant and I never understood why I was doing the things I was told would help me become close to God.

The Korean Jesus is Here

I’ve been in Shincheonji for about 1 year now and when I first started, I admit that I had a lot of doubts about this Bible study. I thought about it for a long time whether I should continue or stop attending and I will share with you what I reasoned with myself.

Shincheonji-POP: ‘On Towards Hope’ English Lyrics

‘ON TOWARDS HOPE’ is the relatable song of someone who feels adrift, lost, and directionless, but finds a renewed sense of hope in their love for God and their desire to become the joy of the Lord. This song is from us to you, for anyone who desires to experience how faith can anchor and guide our paths to a hopeful future of God’s eternal love.