From Atheist to Shincheonji

Hello, my name is Xiaoyan. 

Today, I would like to share about my experience in entering Shincheonji. 
It was one of the most important decisions I’ve made in my life, and it is also one that I will never regret.

What is Religion? Who is God?

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When I was little, I grew up with my aunt and my grandmother. I remember that they took me to church almost every Sunday, so I heard the stories of the Bible many times. 

At that time, I didn’t know what religion was or what Christianity was. 

I thought the existence of God and the stories of the Bible were just things that everyone knew, just like how the existence of the sun and historical facts are things that everyone knows. 

Questions about Heaven

I always thought the stories of the Bible were very interesting and unique. More than other kids’ stories, I liked to listen to the stories of the Bible, and I was always curious about heaven. 

I would ask many questions about heaven such as: “are my grandfathers in heaven?” “How are things like in heaven?” and “why can’t we see God?”

Having my Faith Questioned

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However, my parents are non-believers. They did not understand why I always mentioned God and Jesus Christ. One time, my dad tried to explain to me that actually, there are many people who have been to space, And that they did not find other people or kingdoms outside of Earth. 

At that time, I didn’t know how to explain to my parents. Over time, I noticed a lot of people would also question my beliefs in that way.

As I grew up, I had more questions that I wished I could clarify. For example, why would God allow all the bad things to happen in the world? Why are scientific findings so different from what the Bible says? Why can’t God just reveal Himself so that everyone will believe in Him?

Although I had those thoughts in mind, I never gave up on believing in God and the Bible. On the contrary, I just really wanted to understand more. 

The Questions in My Heart

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One day, a friend of mine introduced me to a teacher. I told her about my experiences and the questions in my heart, and soon, she started to teach me about the Bible. More people joined in as time went by and we learned together. Shortly after, I noticed that the teachings were very different from what I heard in the past. Yet, they were so clear and logical. 

I was impressed by the content that we studied, so I decided to continue to study with them. Everything we learned could be found in the Bible. I was very surprised that even the stories I’ve heard many times before had more significance than I thought. 

Among the churches I’ve been to, I always heard about how Jesus sacrificed for us and the events that happened in different generations. But I never knew the true meaning behind these stories. What made me more excited was learning the teachings regarding Heaven. I was finally able to understand the kingdom of heaven from the Bible. And I was able to understand the true hope God has given to us. 

No Freedom in Shincheonji?

After learning for a year, I entered Shincheonji. I had never heard of Shincheonji before that. Although there are many negative comments regarding Shincheonji online… (For example, that you will have no freedom once you enter Shincheonji)

Yet I still decided to stay because I could not deny what’s written in the Bible. Moreover, most of the people who comment online are not even a part of Shincheonji or they have only been in the church for a very short time before leaving. Then, how can their opinions represent the true Shincheonji?

My Memories of Shincheonji

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I have been in Shincheonji for more than 3 years now. I have made a lot of amazing memories here. Now, I understand God’s Word even more. I certainly know that what most people say about Shincheonji is not true. If you are someone who only cares about yourself and what people say, then Shincheonji probably would not be a happy place for you. 

However, if you are someone who wants to understand God and the kingdom of heaven, or if you also want to discover the promises that God has given us and our true hope, I hope you can give Shincheonji a chance, and give yourself a chance to listen to what Shincheonji actually says and to look at what it actually does so that you can discern for yourself what kind of place the true Shincheonji is.