Just as Jesus Shed His Blood For Us…

Why I Volunteer

As someone who is a volunteer with Shincheonji, my experience in volunteering with my church has just been amazing and it’s something we do for the goodness of our community. This past year, I have certainly appreciated the time spent on helping in many activities. Working with other volunteers and sharing these moments has also been enjoyable, despite the fact that this year alone was difficult due to the effects of COVID-19.

Nevertheless, with the world, we have continued to share the light and shed hope for many those around us. For instance, from this past year, I had the honor and opportunity to take part in contributing towards the work of volunteerism with Shincheonji. Not only was this a life-changing experience but has helped me to see the world just a bit differently for the best.

There are certainly moments when individuals have stepped up and gone out of their way to make the world better than it was before. I can confidently claim that during this year I did my best to make a difference by becoming a Shincheonji volunteer, which I was proud to participate in and would do without hesitation again. 

Sharing Life with Others

One event that was unforgettable was when I helped with a blood drive to fight COVID-19 and have a vaccine for further study. We organized the first in a series of blood drives to help replenish the supply. The event was overwhelmed by volunteers, some of whom were coronavirus survivors, health care staff, willing to donate. I was able to see several volunteers who donated their blood to help fight the COVID-19 virus during this case.

To see many giving back to save those who need to get their health back in shape was completely inspiring. I did not think there would be many people to donate due to  health & safety concerns. There were about many volunteers alongside with the staff who spent their day in making this event a successful one. Given that everything went smoothly and with such a high turnover rate, plenty blood was happily donated during that day. This is the kind of news that everyone around the world should know as efforts are being done to help those who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. 

Together in the Fight Against COVID

Across the world, our church members are being recognized for donating blood in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19. These acts of selflessness are most definitely inspiring to hear and see as it was done so without hesitation from I which I got to witness at first glance. For instance, one volunteer had this to say during the drive, “I contracted COVID-19 earlier this year. After recovering, I donated plasma and found out about the need for blood donations. When I heard my church was collaborating for a blood drive, I jumped at the opportunity,” this is what he had shared with me on that day. 

Furthermore, as a volunteer of Shincheonji, I was able to witness history in the making even amidst this corona pandemic. Although there was local news regarding this event, many news outlets also got a hold of this story which would later be shared. Through this, I got the chance to take part in something that was bigger than myself. I am proud and take pride in the work that was done and will volunteer again when given the opportunity. Nonetheless, Shincheonji volunteers like myself not only help with donating blood for those in dire need who need it, but have also contributed within the community.

Making Impact in Selflessness

Again, this also goes to show how members of Shincheonji are being recognized for their efforts in fighting against the corona pandemic. Even for myself, I was thrilled and happy that I was able to make a small impact as well as giving back when needed. This was something that all the other volunteers got to do which made everything that much more fruitful and successful.

This deserves further attention, even with recent news and donations, as it illustrates how selfless the members are and how eager to help stop the outbreak of COVID-19. In other words, during this time of hardship, these groups of people make all the difference and turn this experience into a meaningful one. As a result, the time for the future was well invested and one to remember.