Is there Logic and Reasoning in Shincheonji?

Hello everyone! My name is Azzyla, and I am a congregation member of Shincheonji.

“That would get me to heaven, right?”

My faith journey started just like everyone else’s, as a kid. I grew up in a Catholic family with very fervent family members. I attended church a lot with grandma as a kid and grew up serving in the worship team, singing and playing guitar, and even leading my own youth camps and youth groups. Then I attended a Christian school, which made me convert to Christianity.

I was still doing the same things, attending church, and attending a lot of Bible studies. I thought I was taking my life of faith seriously back then, and thought I was doing okay. Surely the things I did would get me to heaven, right?

Questioning through Logic

It wasn’t until I entered law school that really made me question what I believe in. I am a double degree holder, graduated in both law and accounting, and these 2 degrees are very facts and evidence-based. With my logic and common sense improving, so did my questions about God and the Bible increasing. I started questioning the Bible because I noted there were so many contradictions within it. I also noticed that I could not answer questions from the students I was teaching as well.

For example, why did God say “thou shalt not murder” in Deut 5:17 when in the entire Old Testament, He was commanding the killing of many people? I also started questioning the things people around me were saying, like how they’re using Eph 2:8 to say we only need grace by faith to be saved, and yet in James 2:17, it says “faith by itself, if not accompanied by action, is dead.”

I was very confused with all the differences, and despite querying many people, I was not getting any clear answers. I have joined countless Bible studies, in-person and online, and even attended numerous different churches, but still to no avail. So, I decided to check out a Bible study – a Bible study that promised that they only teach according to the Word, a Shincheonji Bible study.

A Place to Answer My Questions

It was the very first time I went to a place that answered all of my questions. Unlike the other ones I have attended, they did not shy away from any questions or discouraged me from asking. Rather, I came out of every single Bible study lesson understanding the Bible more than before because they have answered everything.

I have heard from close friends that I should be wary of places that say they only use the Word because, apparently, we need more than the Word to understand God. But is this really so? Why do I need anything else other than the Bible to learn about God? Should I really rely on books written by mere men? Isn’t the Bible God’s own words? He wrote it, didn’t he? Shouldn’t His own words be enough?

Shincheonji’s Bible study made me perceive that although I may outwardly profess to be a believer of God, Jesus, and the Bible, this does not guarantee me heaven and eternal life. I may be doing things right in the eyes of religious people and gain their approval. However, it may not be right in God’s eyes.

What I Realized

Jesus said in Mt 7:21 that not everyone who says, “Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” If you asked me before joining Shincheonji’s Bible study what God’s will is, I can definitely say I would not have used the Bible to explain it. My view of God’s will was just to believe in God, and then I will be okay. However, Shincheonji’s Bible study used the Word to reason with me and helped me perceive how incorrect and unbiblical that perspective is.

Also, did you know that there is a proper way to love God? I realised through Shincheonji’s Bible study that I was not loving God correctly.

1 John 5:3 says that to love God is to obey His commands.

But I was not obeying God properly before because prior to joining Shincheonji’s Bible study, I did not know God’s will and commands fully enough to understand it. This was really scary for me to realise – that I did not love God how He wanted to be loved. This was really hard to accept. I had done so many things for Him, serving in church, teaching youths, etc.

Stumbling Blocks

To be told that they were all worth nothing if I don’t obey His commands as it was written in the Bible turned my stomach really sour. Being in Shincheonji made me realise my own reality, and whilst it was difficult to see my life of faith for what it really is, I am truly grateful to have been given the opportunity to change for the better.

This is the only place that made me see how unclean my heart and mind is, and how tainted I am of the world. Shincheonji made me realise that I was merely trying to please men before, and not God. Shincheonji showed me why it is of utmost importance to learn the Bible, how to correctly read and understand the Bible, and how to use the Bible as a mirror to reflect upon my own life of faith. Shincheonji solidified and made me certain why I am a believer of God and Jesus Christ.

Would you be able to answer?

So right now, if I ask you, why do you believe in Jesus? Do you know how God and Jesus want to be loved? Can you explain the importance of the contradictions found in Genesis 1? Would you be able to answer these Biblically, in accordance with God’s Word, supported by Bible references? Because I can.

God said in Hos 4:6 that “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” Not being able to clearly testify to these in accordance with the Bible is a clear indicator of a lack of Biblical knowledge. How scary would it be if God is the one who asks these to us, and we can’t answer clearly! Shincheonji has equipped me with the Word; I am sure about my faith more than ever before. I can now definitely say I am carrying out a true life of faith.

My Sincere Prayer

I truly pray and hope that everyone can give Shincheonji a chance to prove how genuine the Bible is and answer all your questions. As someone trained for battle in courts, I know how powerful words can be; a short sentence can cause someone to end up in jail or be set free. I know that there are a lot of misconceptions and fabricated lies targeting Shincheonji nowadays, yet what saddens me is that most people who create those lies have not even personally heard of the Word Shincheonji teaches. It is so easy to post rumours and false words on the internet nowadays. So how do you discern between truth and lies? I truly urge everyone to read 1 John 4:1-6, and test it out for yourself using your own eyes, ears, and hearts.