In Shincheonji, There’s No Time for Personal Time

Hello, today I would like to share why I am a member of Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

To put it briefly, I believe Shincheonji has the highest and clearest teaching of God and the Bible. Before coming here, the Bible frustrated me for most of my life. I know it’s important, and I’ve tried many times to read it from beginning to end.

I also tried different ways to grow my knowledge. And I talked to different pastors, joined different types of group studies, and tried different self study guides. But every time I read the Bible, I would have more questions than answers.

When I was invited to a Zion Mission Center to study, I felt so refreshed. During this time, I learned the Bible in a whole new way. It’s still the same book and the same verses I’ve always known, but now I could actually understand it.

Let me explain.

As Confusing as the Matrix?

In Shincheonji, There's No Time for Personal Time. Shincheonji Testimony - the Matrix

There are scenes in the movie the Matrix where there’s a computer screen that shows green text scrolling rapidly down the screen. The audience has no idea what the screen says, but the characters who are using the computer seem to understand it perfectly. 

The Bible was once like those green lines of code to me. But through understanding how to read the Bible, I no longer feel lost when reading. Rather, I feel confident and a sense of pride that I am finally able to answer the questions I’ve always had about heaven and eternal life. I am now able to understand God’s character, why people chant “God is Good,” and why there are 66 books in the Bible.

As a result, I was excited to join Shincheonji.

Life Changes When You Join Shincheonji

Now, it’s true. Life changes when you join. It’s not just about Shincheonji Bible Study, but it’s about how can I carry out a life of faith according to the Bible. It’s different from any other church I’ve been a part of. But this is something I need to explain further, because there are many people who can confuse this commitment, dedication, seriousness to being ‘unbiblical’ and to promoting a ‘works-based doctrine.’

So when I was in center, the volunteers who served as my teachers, they would drive long hours to lead the class. And they would have very tight schedules teaching and doing outreach.

Rather than thinking that was weird, heretical… I thought to myself, these teachers actually walk the walk, and it’s nothing like I’ve seen before.

I was inspired and very grateful for their sacrifices. To me, the teachers were like modern day apostles and they were the examples that I wanted to follow to carry out a true life of faith.

Life in Shincheonji Doesn’t Make Sense

What I’m trying to say is, a life of faith in Shincheonji doesn’t make sense compared to the standards of the world has set today.

It’s not about who can play electric guitar better, who contributes more money or who has gone on more missions trips. The standard of faith isn’t Pastor Rick down the street, or my friend Ashley who went to Bible college.

No, the lifestyle of Shincheonji, it makes complete sense to me when I compare it to the Bible. Think about the disciples who dropped everything to follow Jesus. Think about Apostle Paul who boasted when working harder than the other apostles, who spoke of running a race and who he himself had sleepless nights. I think about the martyrs who would rejoice when they could suffer with Christ. Shouldn’t we live like them?

If people putting in effort to outreach, and study, and to do good works, if people think that this is heretical, then they might need to think twice about whether they actually approve of how the disciples lived too.

In Shincheonji, There's No Time for Personal Time. Shincheonji Testimony - Christian martyrs

Torn Between Heaven and Hell

I am someone who desires heaven and eternal life. But I’ve come to understand clearly that Jesus has teachings on how to inherit these blessings. I don’t want to gamble on this. I want to be at a place that teaches me how to keep these commands, rather than a place that feeds me sweet-sounding words that leads me astray from the teachings of the Bible.

And that’s exactly what I’ve found.

In Shincheonji, There's No Time for Personal Time. Shincheonji Testimony - heaven and hell

A group of people, an organization, who are all striving for the same thing.

Though I am busier than I ever have been before, my life has much more purpose and meaning. What greater work is there than to share the treasure I’ve received with someone else?  I hope that people will be able to listen and understand why Shincheonji people are so fervent, and why I am still here.

My name is Jimmy Santos, and Shincheonji is the place where I have found the truth. The fact that we are busier than other churches is because I look towards God, I look towards the martyrs as role models for my faith. I wanna walk the walk, and I wanna make every effort to follow the teachings of Christ.