Qualifications for Heaven

Would you willingly go through 3 months of sleepless nights, spending the entire day in one place to endlessly work on a single task again and again? Would you willingly cut off ties with your friends and hobbies for 3 months, deleting all forms of social media, entertainment, or contacting anyone? Would you willingly undergo immense stress, emotional distress, oscillating between despair and hopelessness to fervent desperation? Would you be willing to go through all of this — and pay to do so? 

It sounds crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if you said ‘no’ to every single question above. Why would anyone agree to go through this and worse of all, why would anyone pay to go through this? But I did go through this and I chose to do so. Why? 

Because I wanted to go to law school. 

I wanted to get into the best law school possible, and for 3 grueling months, I voluntarily put myself through a ‘hell’ so that I can get a great score on my law school entrance exam. I’m sure you too might have experienced something similar.

Maybe it was for an exam, or to get a good grade in class, or to finish an important work project for a VIP client. 

Working to Fit Others’ Qualifications

Why do people put themselves through such craziness and deprive themselves? Because we’re all working to meet the qualifications for something we desire. 

I wanted to be a lawyer more than anything else and there were strict qualifications I had to meet in order to get into a top law school. There’s no negotiation or mercy with requirements. It’s either you meet those qualifications or you don’t. In the eyes of others, the amount of effort I put towards my degree may seem extreme or unnecessary, but to those who are aiming to meet these requirements, this effort is the minimum. 

Just as Jesus said in Matthew 7, it is not just anyone who can enter into the kingdom of heaven. In order to enter heaven, one must do the will of the Father who is in heaven. What is the will of the Father that we must carry out? What are these qualifications to enter into heaven? And what will happen if we fall short of the requirements? 

Through the Word, I am able to answer those questions and by knowing the qualifications, I can now obey and work to meet them. 

“Heaven Doesn’t Have Requirements!”

If you disagree or think this is unfair… 

A qualification is “something necessary in order for you to do, have, or be part of something.” It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice to meet to become ‘qualified’. If entering into law school had a set of qualifications, what about becoming qualified to enter some place eternally — like the kingdom of heaven? Some people may balk at the thought of having to meet “requirements’ for heaven. 

Is it wrong to have requirements? What would happen if there were no requirements? 

Would you want an incompetent worker to work for your company and cause you to lose your revenue? 
Would you want an ignorant lawyer to defend you and cause you to lose your freedom? 
Would you want an unqualified surgeon to operate on you and cause you to lose your life? 
Would you want a serial killer to live in your neighborhood and cause you to lose your loved one? 

What Kind of Place is Heaven?

As heaven is the home of God, Jesus, and the angels, and the place of promised hope for mankind, I desire for heaven to be a place of people who can be eternally faithful to God, with no lie found on their lips and no deceit found in their heart. That is the heaven I desire for. And yes, I too have to match that standard and those requirements to go to heaven. But isn’t it better to know where you are lacking and what you need to do to meet those requirements, then to think you have already passed the test? 

Today, I am grateful I was able to learn about the qualifications for heaven at Shincheonji, and that I know what I must do to meet those qualifications too. It may take more effort than anything else I have ever attempted in my life, but I know the rewards are also greater than anything else. 

That is why I am joyful in sharing the knowledge that I have, and in encouraging others to also reflect themselves honestly upon the Bible and join me in making an effort to become a believer that God can acknowledge.