Shincheonji Indoctrinates Non-Believers

Hi, my name is Melody Wong. I am a successful business owner and woman entrepreneur.

I became a member of Shincheonji in 2012 and today, I want to share my story of why I am a proud member of Shincheonji.

Believing in the Spirits


I grew up in a typical Chinese family. Growing up, I was taught about worshiping the spirts of my ancestors. However, majority of my family and I remained mostly agnostic. I was taught to do well in school, get straight A’s, get into a good college, and get hired at a great company. Marrying rich and live a happy life were the goals of my life.

I was the daughter my parents wanted me to become. However, I always felt the emptiness in my life.

What does it mean to be a good believer?

My best friend and I wanted to find a genuine community and that is how I started to go to church. To me, church means fellowship, means gathering, means having a good lunch with my cell-group after Sunday service.

My life of faith has always been modeling after what other people are doing. I followed the leaders at church and copied what everyone else is doing to fit in. I thought being a good Christian means to be a good person, uphold to all the moral teachings, and attend church. I thought I was being a good believer. Being consistent with my church attendance and never skip a cell-group meeting.


However, everything started to change when some of my non-Christian friends would ask me questions such as “Why do you go to church?”, “Who is God?”, “Why do you believe in Jesus?” Those questions always lingered in my mind.

My go-to answer was always that “Christianity is a religion of experience.” “It’s not something that I can express with my words.” I remember I would always try to dodge those questions and rather invite them to events, conferences and retreats.

Living as a Hypocritical Christian

Before starting college, I desperately wanted to know God’s will for me. I was at a transitional point in my life where I am so confused about what I want to do and what direction I will be heading. I remembered crying out to God during my nightly prayers seeking for His answer.

As I started college, I made a firm determination to not live like a hypocritical Christian. Someone without knowledge or understanding. I wanted to explain my faith to others and answer those hard questions. I joined many ministries and Christian clubs.


While it was fun getting to know so many people and always enjoy the free food but after a while, things started to become very routine. I was really wanting to understand the Bible. So I approached a Bible study club that helped believers to understand the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

I decided to give it a try.

Shincheonji Indoctrinates with Teachings from “Genesis to Revelation”

One of the most shocking lesson I still remember was learning that we’re living in the time of the 2nd Coming where Revelation is taking place as we speak. I remember crying in fear and trembling after that lesson. How is it that the Bible is fulfilling in my lifetime? What does that mean?

I continued with the Bible study even though I had a lot of questions. Many might think that because I came from a nonbeliever background, who’s not very knowledgeable about the Bible, I can be easily indoctrinated by the teachings of Shincheonji.

However, I’d like to think differently. I came from a nonbeliever background and not only I had doubts on the teaching of Shincheonji, but I had doubts on Christianity, on the existence of God in general. I was surprised to find myself understanding the Bible in such a comprehensive and logical manner. Even though I came from a non-Christian background, I realize that believing in the Bible is not something only people who have a lot of faith can do.

Shincheonji has the Highest Theology


After completing the series, not only I am convinced that Shincheonji has the highest theology. I am so motivated to share this new found knowledge with others. I thought about my family, who were once so confused by the supernatural nature of the Bible and the illogical explanations others would try to give them. I want to share this gospel with them knowing that the Bible is not something that only takes “faith” to believe in, but something logical and reasonable.

Right now, I am a missionary and I teach the Bible. I have witnessed many life changing moments from believers after learning the true meaning of the Bible. I’m grateful to God, to Jesus, for guiding me to the truth. I live a very fulfilling life and I’m a proud member of Shincheonji.

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