Shincheonji Made Me Stop My Ministry

Hello, my name is Chadwick Sullivan.

A Blind Faith

I was raised in a strong Christian family and I think my parents raised me well. I was never taught to believe something for no reason. But it was made very clear by my parents teaching and by my father’s own testimony that faith without evidence was blind faith.

I wanted a faith that was grounded and that I could live by. My father made sure that me and my brothers knew how to share our faith, through programs videos and more.

He helped me to perceive the grace of God. It was hard for me after that not to feel a certain duty and responsibility towards God. Towards the end of high school, I looked at the other Christians around me and what I felt was that no one was really living as they ought to including myself. I wanted to impact people and change believers and non-believers alike.

When I graduated from high school, I moved out of the house and decided to go into the ministry. I felt as though too many young adults and Christians were living their lives without purpose.

A Hedonistic Life

But even among the Christians and the church leaders that I saw around me, many seemed much more absorbed with their relationships, making money, relaxing, and watching TV.

So as I looked at those around me, it’s true, many of us were spending our lives on things that pleased us and the things that didn’t really matter. But when I shared this with my close friends, many didn’t really see a problem with it.

So I devoted myself pursuing what I thought to be the correct way of life and pursuing my ministry. A couple times a day, almost every day, I would stop at a small chapel as I passed it on the way to my university. And I would pray there for wisdom and understanding.

For my education, I took many classes on the Bible and religious texts. There was one winter where I spent some of my school funds on religious literature about the character of God, knowing and understanding God and then I spent the whole break fasting and reading religious books by famous authors.

Although I felt like I was dedicating myself to something important, I wasn’t really able to arrive at the answer I was looking for.

Following year during the summer, a friend introduced me to a Bible study. I did enjoy it but at the time, I was more focused on my personal academic and religious pursuits. I placed the training for my ministry as my first priority in life.

“I soon learned that the church was… Shincheonji”

However, as I continued the Bible study, I realized that it just wasn’t something that was fun something that was interesting or something that was unique but that it was something very special and I was learning exactly what I had been searching for. I soon learned that the church that was running this Bible study was Shincheonji.

Now, I didn’t accept everything at first. I wanted to hear it out.

But not only were my deepest questions within the Bible being answered by the Bible study, but the Gospel and the purpose within the Bible were being explained so clearly. They claimed that Revelation had fulfilled. So I waited to see the fulfillment they spoke about.

When it was shown to me and I compared it to the Bible, it became very hard to deny.

Additionally, the teachers and the workers in the Bible study were carrying out lives of faith markedly different from the lives of the Christians I had known. It wasn’t just a matter of being fervent. Even many Mormons are fervent.

I realized that it was because their faith and knowledge were different. If the faith I previously known had been correct, then the people carrying out that faith would live very different lives.

But because their concept of God was incorrect, they lived lives according to the God they had created in their own minds. Or the God they were incorrectly introduced to by those around them. But the lives lived by the people in Shincheonji were devoted to God.

What People Do at Shincheonji

Now I’ve been a part of Shincheonji for a long time. And although many other Christians will speak evil things about Shincheonji, we are carrying out a life of faith according to the Bible.

We are serving our communities both physically and spiritually. We’re doing volunteer work. We’re offering free Bible classes. We’re devoting our time and money to good things.

Instead of fearing Shincheonji or misunderstanding it, I hope and pray that more people can put in a little time and effort to correctly and honestly understand Shincheonji and its teachings. Is it so harmful to understand beliefs different from your own?

Rather than persecuting or judging something you don’t understand, show love and seek after understanding and reconciliation.

The members of Shincheonji will show the same to you.

Thank you.