Is Shincheonji Biblical?

There are many claims about Shincheonji being unbiblical or heretical.
Is it true? Is Shincheonji according to the Bible?

Discover for yourself in our new Shincheonji Video series: "A Humble Thought"

Shincheonji is Shining the Light!

Jesus came as the light to the world and taught us to be a light as well!

Hear from the members of Shincheonji on what they've been doing
to contribute to their community and exemplify the heart of service.

Listen to Shincheonji-POP

What is different about Shincheonji-POP?

Not only is Shincheonji-POP super catchy,
but the songs express a believer's fervent heart and confession towards God and Jesus through their Biblical lyrics.

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What is the truth
about Shincheonji?

NHNE.TV seeks to bring you the truth about Shincheonji (NHNE), starting from genuine testimonies from current members to informative Q&A about what Shincheonji is about, and the most recent news. 

1,100 Members to Donate Plasma for Research​

1,100 members Shincheonji members who have recovered from COVID-19 are working with the KCDC and the Korean Government to donate needed plasma for treatment research. ​

South Korean Gov. Thanks Shincheonji's Cooperation​

The South Korean government and the KCDC has officially thanked SCJ for its work in volunteering to donate plasma and contributing actively to the work of resolving COVID-19. ​

NGOs Urge the UN to Protect SCJ's Religious Rights​

Several international and national NGO's urged the U.N. and the South Korean government to protect Shincheonji from religious discrimination. Read why they are concerned.

Statement from the USCIRF on SCJ

What happened with Shincheonji and COVID-19? Did Shincheonji really cause COVID-19 in South Korea? Read what the US Commission on International Religious Freedom has to say.​

Minister Choo's Exploitation of SCJ​

Korean Justice Minister Choo Mi Ae has come under fire for exploiting the arrest of Lee Man Hee, Shincheonji's founder and Chairman. Learn about the political motivations behind it.​

"SCJ Didn't Lie about Membership Figures"​​

There were many allegations that Shincheonji falsified their membership figures. But what is the truth of the investigation? Did Shincheonji obstruct public health efforts?​

SCJ Members' Info Seized and Leaked Without Consent​

Thousands of members' private information were seized and leaked, not only of members in South Korea, but also internationally. Why did this happen and what are the repercussions?

Religious Discrimination Against Shincheonji​

The international community is raising concern about discrimination against SCJ that has risen after unfair targeting of SCJ in the media and society.​ What's happening to the group?

Op-Ed: Why is Shincheonji Being Scapegoated?​

Although a large outbreak happened in SCJ, can a single church be blamed for a nationwide epidemic? Why is there a ingle organization that can be scapegoated and held responsible?